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About Financial Permaculture

A Definition

Financial Permaculture defined, takes a whole ecosystem approach to economics. Financial Permaculture strives towards total economic return - where the entire system and its parts are optimized. It is a design tool, a piece of appropriate information technology, that applies efficient designs to generate the least amount of waste for the highest yield, taking into account the true social and ecological costs within a local economy. The principles of Financial Permaculture can be implemented in communities across the world to transition economic power towards productive localized economies that thrive whilst supporting the natural infrastructure they exist within.

Longer Definition

Economics on our terms:

Creating a Financial Permaculture is a design endeavor towards circulating money locally, and finding innovative ways to promote trading and exchange systems that align with ecological patterns and boundaries.

Financial Permaculture is the conscious whole system design of human financial systems to create a zero waste economy that cares for... click here to read more.

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Want to bring in a team of Financial and Permaculture experts to provide your company, organization or community with regenerative and resilient designs, as a consultation or a course? Click here to see courses and services offered by the Financial Permaculture Institute.