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About the Institute

The Financial Permaculture Design Team consists of an interdisciplinary coalition of individuals from the business, non- profit and education sectors who have come together to create a forum to address the economic and environmental challenges of the day. Through grassroots organizing, participatory design, and democracy we are working with local communities to create holistic and regenerative economic solutions for local and international sustainability.

The idea of using the term Financial Permaculture to describe our efforts was led by Thomas Hupp of the Leadership School as he, Jennifer Dauksha-English of the Center for Holistic Ecology, Greg Landau of the Ecovillage Training Center, and Carolyn Betts and Catherine Austin Fitts of Solari were brainstorming how to integrate Solari investment strategy with permaculture.

The team decided that the best way to create an integrated vision of natural and financial health within a place was to invite many more people into the conversation. In June of 2008 Fitts, English, Landua and Hupp, with colleagues Connie Sharp and Debbie Landers from Hohenwald, TN formed the Financial Permaculture Institute. The institute teamed up with Gaia University to host the first Business Summit October 24-28, 2008 in Hohenwald, TN where the team gathered with students and experts from across the country for a five day course and simulation – Financial Permaculture: The Greening of a Rural American Community.

The event catalyzed Hohenwald into becoming the 25th Transition Town in the USA. The Institute, now led by English and Landua under the Center for Holistic Ecology, a 501c-3 non-profit, has hosted annual Financial Permaculture courses in the US. Course instructors over the years have included: Fitts, Landers and Hupp from the founding team, plus Andrew Langford, Liora Adler, Albert Bates, Carolyn Betts, Franklin Sanders, Jason Eaton, Jonathan Cloud, Luke Stangel, Sylvia Palmer, Jonathan Gonsky, Pat Therrien, Adam Turtle, Frank Michael, Court Skinner, Anise Star, Phil Cubeta, Katie Culver, Howard Switzer, Eric Wagner, Bob Waldrop, Ethan Roland, Eric Toensmeier, Dave Jacke and more.

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Bring Financial Permaculture to Your Community or Company

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